Connecting to Confluent Cloud

Confluent Cloud is a fully managed cloud service based on Apache Kafka. In DeltaStream, users can create Confluent Cloud type Stores (for more information on creating Stores, see Creating Stores for Streaming Data). This tutorial shows how to use the web application to create a Confluent Cloud Store.

Creating a Confluent Cloud Store

  1. From the left menu, click Stores > Create Store:

  2. Enter a unique Name for the Store.

    Store names are limited to a maximum of 255 characters. Only alphanumeric characters, dashes, and underscores are allowed.

  3. Select the Store Type.

    Please select "Confluent" from the dropdown.

  4. Select the Access Region.

    Region information indicates where data is stored or streams through.

  5. Under Networking, insert URLs to connect to Confluent Cloud. Copy the "Bootstrap server" from Confluent Cloud & add it as a URL by clicking the "+" sign. Users can find their bootstrap server on Confluent's Cluster settings page.

  6. Click NEXT.

  7. Complete the Authentication here. Under Credentials : Copy the Api Key & Api Secret that was created on Confluent Cloud and paste them in their respective input boxes.

  8. Click SAVE.

  9. Now, you should see your Confluent Cloud Cluster under Stores.

  10. If we click on our Store, we can view the topics in the Store, inspect them, and print their records.

Now that your Confluent Cloud Store is set up, the next tutorials will show you how to manage and process your streaming data with DeltaStream!

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