START SANDBOX IN "<region>";


Start a new sandbox in the provided region. Sandboxes can only be created in the regions available in LIST REGIONS.

A sandbox responds to queries once it is created and in RUNNING status. If a query is ran before the sandbox is available, the query is queued to be run once the sandbox is RUNNING.



This is the region to create the sandbox in. See LIST REGIONS for a list of regions.


The following shows how to create a new sandbox:

demodb.public/demostore# START SANDBOX IN "AWS us-east-1";

Note that there can only be one active sandbox running at a given time, but if any changes are detected or required, the sandbox must be stopped using the STOP SANDBOX command and recreated, e.g., if a user-defined function from a new Function Source needs to be used (see CREATE FUNCTION_SOURCE).

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