Invite Users to an Organization

If you are an orgadmin you might need to invite other users to join your Organization. This tutorial shows how to use the web application to send invitations.

Invite a User

  1. Ensure that your role has been granted the MANAGE_MEMBERS privilege, the built-in role orgadmin has this privilege.

    From the lower left menu click on your name and choose the appropriate role.

    After selecting a role with MANAGE_MEMBERS privilege, a link to the admin page will be displayed.

  2. Click on Admin from the left panel.

  3. Click on Members and then Invite Member

  4. Fill out all fields on the slide out form.

    If inviting another orgadmin, the best practice is to set the Default Role to sysadmin and Additional Roles to orgadmin.

Accept a User Invitation

  1. From the left panel selectSettings > and then Invitations.

  2. After accepting an invitation you can switch organization on the settings panel.

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